80’s toy time

I sometimes envy The Associates imagination, she can entertain herself and her toys for hours creating elaborate story lines.  Today she invented a new word when asked how she felt before she got on stage with her friends to perform at the talent show.  Nervicited (ner-vi-cited) means nervous and excited, which I suppose is good because I would never have gotten on the stage at all.  The other day I forced myself to sit down and play with this camper she “borrowed” from gramma’s house.  It is equipped with all the necessities, a family, a toaster with toast, a cutting board with mushrooms on it, stove, sink, dock, and deck; all in lovely 80’s pastels.


TA: You are the mom, of course.

ME: Is that my huge baby? Is that my Husband?


TA: Yes she is a little big.

ME: Why can’t I stand up all the way?  Is it from carrying that giant baby?  Why am I the only one doing the dishes and cutting mushrooms?


TA: Actually, Yes. MOM would you let me finish with the back story!

ME: I don’t think that is a very good example for the giant baby.  She needs to see the man help.

TA:  Nevermind. geez.





put a dragon on it. or a bird.

Pink dragon Bag

So when I was an obsessed art student in my tiny duplex apartment, I spent a great deal of time cutting Japanese paper stencils with an x-acto knife.  I still have the scars to prove it and obviously some of the stencils survived the 6 plus moves after they were so diligently cut.  I am trying to remember why I did that. Nope got nothing.  Oh wait I remember I was making scarves. Wow another issue I have, scarves. I still make them to this very day. Back to the purses. I love a good vintage bag and have a ton, so on a nice 60 degree day I gathered up my stencils and my bags and headed outside. I say 60 degree because I have found that it is a good temperature for spray paint. Too hot and the paint never cures, too cold and it dries too fast and you are also cold. I sprayed a light dusting of spray adhesive on the back and let it dry a bit.  Spray adhesive is really nasty stuff so make sure to wear a mask.  One time I inhaled a puff and had a nice coating of ick on my throat for days.  I let it dry a bit because I did not want it to leave a residue on the bag. Once my stencil was in place I sprayed and let dry in the shade. Usually one coat would do it, in some cases I added another layer.  I still have ton of bags they just have birds or dragons on them (thank you Portlandia)

P1020678 P1020668 P1020664 P1020670


mothers day.

 I am a mother and there are days I love it and days I need to borrow that guys glasses from the X men in order for me not to obliterate everything with my laser eyes.  My 13 year old daughter did buy me a sweet! cardigan, my youngest made me 12 cards, and I had a delicious brunch my mom and mom in law, but why is my kitchen so @#$% messy?  You know what I mean..  

I am bit of vintage retail photo junky and I found these inspirational images, I hope they provide giggles.


caregivers go get your relax on…, but a big shout out to good kids, loving husbands and wives, and anybody who minds children on a daily basis.