It has been two days since I made a lamp, unacceptable.


What you can’t see when you look at this fabulous lamp, is that is sadly falling apart. The petals are brittle and cracked and randomly drop on my assistants’ head while she is sleeping. She sleeps like the dead so she never noticed, but I could not let it go on. 


I picked out the four strongest petals to make into a new lamp (don’t worry everything else is still in my bottomless pit)


I always have a few of these ikea pendant light kits around because they are very useful.

two up, two down and done.


kitchen, my kitchen!

While the rain and cold continue, and stop my progress on the porch I return my focus back to the kitchen.  In an effort to not completely tear apart any one room at time I have restrained myself to one chunk at a time. Cleveland has a great organization called Zero Landfill. They work with architects and designers to collect old samples that would otherwise go to the landfill.  Then invite artists and teachers to come haul it away and use it.  You can only imagine how much fun this is for me.

This is the ugliness that plagues my kitchen.


I enthusiastically ripped this out.  Using hardy board I cut a piece that size of the missing tile and tiled it using wood grain linoleum samples.


meanwhile, my assistant does a little light reading.

I then fastened the board to the wall using carefully concealed screws, so whenever I get around to doing the counter tops, the tile will pop off and I can put them right back.


Wall #2 coming right up.


new TV!!

We have been living in our house for 10 years. It is a great house but until recently the living room was plagued by an 67 inch by 100 feet Godzilla of a television (spell check made me capitalize Godzilla.)  I felt like it was lurking behind every turn to make me cringe.  Being the patient wife that I am, I waited until my husband was ready to release it.  I wish I had a before picture.  While I was biting my tongue and surreptitiously placing best buy mailers around I worked on the new console.  Once again determined only use what I had already, I set off to make a new home for my imaginary TV. Three things I learned.  1. you need two people to cut a piece of bamboo on a table saw. 2. never start a job 6 months before it can be installed. 3. get a biscuit joiner because joining different kinds of wood just because you refuse to go buy new stuff is hard. 4. I know I only said 3,  it is hard to teach yourself to install second time around hinges. must watch more youtube.



Now we can even operate all the crap through the pegboard!    I think it turned out great for my first shot at such a long piece. My family thinks It looks like it lives in a pineapple under the sea.  It does!!!

collection obsession

It is kind of a problem when one member of your family has a collection obsession, but when you all have the same one and it is rocks…well its a real problem.  I already discretely eliminated the “ugly” ones before dragging them up the hill, back to the car, plane, and or boat.  I already filled my garden, all my flower pots and every large glass jar available. If you have been reading my blog you know the obvious answer is I made a pair of lamps.

IMG_0479  IMG_0478

I used old card catalog drawers, the days of google have sealed their fate, and threaded chunks of driftwood which is also abundant at our house.The driftwood acted as little shelves on which to pile the rocks.  I employed two kinds of glue a heavy duty construction glue in between the rocks and hot glue to keep them in place while the other glue dried, and then peeled off the hot glue because it so beautiful.  I topped the whole thing off with letterpress S for me an  A for the hubby, a bead, a heavy metal object, and matching ikea shades from much less interesting lamps.


My children are over lamps

Mom ( that’s me)- hey girls how was school? Don’t you love the new lamp?
Kids (ingrates)- every day we come home there is a new lamp.
Mom- trying not to be offended moves on; just on the porch renovation anyway. I have a bit of an obsession with making custom lamps.
So, here is the new side table to match the lamp from an earlier post. ( ill add an image for your convenience.)





Hmmmmmm. update.

I wonder


After I primed the porch, I set my eyes back to this stack.  A tree that is being painstakingly removed due to electric wires will soon leave a perfect gap. We have always wanted to grow veggies. They must be close to the house or the abundant animal life will munch on it, and I will tend it better.  As our little slice of sun opens up we prepare the palettes. I have chosen these two to start because they have good spacing.  I only gather palettes that have an HT on them, and that are free game. Apparently HT  means they have been heat treated as opposed to chemically treated which I am sure is better. We scrub to clean accumulated yuck and mildew.

IMG_3323 IMG_3317

my assitant likes this work, she is really into it. A whole story comes alive within her brain, that these are teeth and she is a giant dentist cleaning and flossing them.

IMG_3294 IMG_3336

we finish up and set them to dry.  Tommorow is s big day.  I’ll be painting the porch and power-washing the furniture, so we must put these aside for a bit.  But then again our little slice will not be completely open for a least another couple days, so no worries.