full circle.

The Associate is sick. Her first real ick. She is legitimately asking “why me” I answer “It is just a little bug.” This, of course sets off a litany of questions, that I try to answer as I perch on the tub holding her shuddering little bod.  For a moment she dozes, head back, burning up, and I have a memory.  When I was young I absolutely hated tossing my cookies. Those days when you would spontaneously erupt with last nights dinner at the most inconvenient time, were my worst nightmare.

We had the usual assortment of Burger King and McDonald’s collectors glasses, but there was one Star Wars glass my brother drank from when he had the ick. I avoided this glass like the plague for at least 5 years thinking it would immediately make me projectile vomit.

As my patient roused back to consciousness, I looked down at the glass from which I was so lovingly feeding her sips, while wiping her brow, and guess what glass it was…….