bad mommy.

In the midst of my new found passion for “blogging” I have been a bit, how do you say, slacking in the mom department. As we traveled through ridiculous rainstorms and I tried to keep my anxiety in check it occurred to me that my associate can’t tie her shoes. Okay its not that bad, but she should not be heading to first grade in this state. Trying to teach a child to tie their shoes each morning while you rush them out the door is no good for anybody.  My husband reminded of the gizmo I made Ruby when she was wee lass (back when I had one child and life was carefree).  So I put it off for another two weeks.  When I asked my associate what she wanted to do today she said  “I wanna learn to tie my shoes (stab heart).”   It may look silly and you may think that she should just learn on a shoe, but trust me it is a lot better than the alternative.  So, I cut some cardboard and laced it up.  She can put it on the table, on her foot, bring it in her bed and basically work on it whenever she wants, and that I believe is the key.

IMG_4037 IMG_4035

go VIV!