not so pretty, but effective.


With dwindling days of camp left I fear for free time.  Those delicious hours when you can get every thing done are slipping away.  Just the other day I was trying to help my Aunt Laurie do something, and this little person kept tripping up my fragile attention span.  My aunt Laurie being of the awesome variety kept the nudge busy by having her measure everything in the house and then compare the sizes.  Brilliant.  She does have infinitely more patience than I do.  The next day she scooted over with some goodies to keep my associate busy.  The adorable little composition notebook is to serve as her measurement journal.  My tendency to make everything compact and organized got the better of me and I dug up a little tape measure and found a nub of a pencil.  Using the top of a gift box, and some duck tape I fashioned a holder on the back of the notebook to house the all important accessories for proper measuring.  while my associate patiently waited. (She did this, not I)



so there you have it, it’s not too pretty, but effective.


road trip


Doesn’t this image make you want to hop in the car and take off?  It is no wonder the people that work in these places snarl at you.   As we pack up the car with five humans and one dog that has tendency to barf in cars,  I look at this picture and remind myself every time we have made the journey south something ridiculous always happens, but is got to be better than working at BMV.