happy day. solstice.



I know that this day also signals the decline of sun we are allotted per day, but I opt for optimism and have a big day planned.  The Associate and I headed out around one for some fun after some bribing went down. Anybody who reads this blog o’ mine is familiar with The Associates, shall I say lifestyle,  so sometimes it takes a little promise of a cookie or some such sweet to get her out of the house.

Recently people in my little slice of the world have begun to acquire chickens. We being lucky enough to have too much backyard are toying with this idea.  Well they are, I am in.  We started this beautiful day with the chicken coop tour to pick like chickens at the brains of those already rearing chickens.


my favorite design of the day, but this chicken looked grumpy despite her beautiful abode.


I dragged The Associate around for a while until the allure of lunch and cookies became overwhelming.  She is as cantankerous as that chicken as we wait for our snacks.


I ditched The Associate for The Husband and we headed out to the Larchmere Porch Fest for some music, and then down to The Cleveland Museum of Art for the summer solstice party.



good times. xo

spraying and spelling.

Absorbed by porch cleaning I attempted to let The Associate complete her weekly sentence homework by herself.


Sometimes when I help her it just takes longer because she tries to manipulate me into either doing it for her or making up the “juicy” sentences.  The discord normally sounds something like this.

TA- Details, Details.

Me- no, no.

Usually the weekly spelling words make sense together. Occasionally they rhyme, or demonstrate a sound like long Ooooooo.  This week was a bizarre conglomeration of words.


1. My mom has a bruise.

2. The truth will set you free. (wise words)

That is the first homework that we didn’t turn in all year and apparently I spent all day cleaning the porch so the dog could enjoy it.


This is The Dog “sharing” the arm-chair with me.









porch done. finally!


The porch is finally finished! torrential rain and leprosy can’t stop me! Ill do a quick before and after run down from earlier posts because I know you are gonna want to go back and see allll the steps.
“sad lamp. now happy”

skeleton  colorlamp

“my children are over lamps”

20130506-231948.jpg 20130506-231956.jpg

“progress” and “dance with me”

IMG_3192 20130518-181208.jpgIMG_3274 IMG_3419

“looking good” and “did I mention I only learn by messing up? and backwards?”

mice IMG_3134 IMG_3137

and done!!!!!!

IMG_3375 IMG_3372 IMG_3390 IMG_3384

come over and have emiglio serve you a drink!



dance with me?

On the 1000th day of porch renovation I found a new dance partner. She is very forceful, and definitely takes the lead.

I have a tendency to not stop when I get started and getting the proper gear on was no exception.  A combination of sweats, goggles and my daughters purple lace Air Jordan’s sufficed, but it wasn’t pretty.  She didn’t notice my get-up, she is an animal, a mechanical sanding, resurfacing machine, but an animal I wanted to tame.


At this point I have done my research, called up the manual online and studied the technique. Now is the hard part. With my daughters high tops covering my ankles and my glasses and gloves on I set about making this machine do my bidding. After wasting a few overpriced pieces of sandpaper we fell into an easy rhythm that was very much like a dance. One-two- three-four. One-two-three-four.  One-two-three-four.

I must give credit to the men working and renting from my local handy rents.  They call me Ms. Morris and never doubt that I can handle any machine I rent. thanks…

did I mention I only learn by messing up? and backwards?

I have moved on to more intense part of the porch renovation. I have already completed the new lamp, side tables and made the new throw pillows, like i said backwards. The porch is littered with my creations while I move them around again and again to gain access to some kind of rotting wood.  The second mistake was the first column. I didn’t realize or didn’t investigate the support structure for the porch roof fully.  After blowing 5 dead members of a mouse family that had some point taken up residence in the column into the garden, and then one by one extricating them from my puppy’s mouth (sometimes only tails)



I started chipping away at the wood. There was no support inside this column.  When I removed the wood  I got real close with my crow bar really quickly, and slid some new 2 by 4 ‘s in.  knowing it was supported I sat down to think.  AHA moment and I started in on the other column.


my husband steps out briefly.  Husband “whatcha doing?”

me “jacking this baby up!”

husband “okay, have fun”

me inside my head “good man”


worked like a charm, now onto to the trim.







My children are over lamps

Mom ( that’s me)- hey girls how was school? Don’t you love the new lamp?
Kids (ingrates)- every day we come home there is a new lamp.
Mom- trying not to be offended moves on; just on the porch renovation anyway. I have a bit of an obsession with making custom lamps.
So, here is the new side table to match the lamp from an earlier post. ( ill add an image for your convenience.)