1st annual jello/wrestling party.

So I got invited to a jello/wrestling party.  I announced as soon as I had read the invite. I am going for beauty!  Jello has never been one of my favorite foods so I approached this challenge from creative new medium standpoint, and then I recalled my mother-in-law was in possession of a fish mold.  I mixed up a batch of orange jello and lined the bottom of the mold with it. When the orange was set I carved out some of it so it would resemble spots on a japanese coy fish.  Next I mix up a batch of opaque white jello that sounded utterly disgusting to me to fill the rest of the mold. When the white was set up  I flipped it over on a bed of blue jello that I touched a lot to make it look more like water than chunks. Why am I nervous about this? I then took a very sharp knife and sliced the fish and splay out slices to resemble fins. and topped it off with some black licorice eyes a stache, and some umbrellas.


I think it was the only one without alcohol in it, which meant a little wrestling went on late in the night.  I lost the trophy I wanted/deserved to this.


Yea whatever Eric, I’ll  get you next time.