put a dragon on it. or a bird.

Pink dragon Bag

So when I was an obsessed art student in my tiny duplex apartment, I spent a great deal of time cutting Japanese paper stencils with an x-acto knife.  I still have the scars to prove it and obviously some of the stencils survived the 6 plus moves after they were so diligently cut.  I am trying to remember why I did that. Nope got nothing.  Oh wait I remember I was making scarves. Wow another issue I have, scarves. I still make them to this very day. Back to the purses. I love a good vintage bag and have a ton, so on a nice 60 degree day I gathered up my stencils and my bags and headed outside. I say 60 degree because I have found that it is a good temperature for spray paint. Too hot and the paint never cures, too cold and it dries too fast and you are also cold. I sprayed a light dusting of spray adhesive on the back and let it dry a bit.  Spray adhesive is really nasty stuff so make sure to wear a mask.  One time I inhaled a puff and had a nice coating of ick on my throat for days.  I let it dry a bit because I did not want it to leave a residue on the bag. Once my stencil was in place I sprayed and let dry in the shade. Usually one coat would do it, in some cases I added another layer.  I still have ton of bags they just have birds or dragons on them (thank you Portlandia)

P1020678 P1020668 P1020664 P1020670


the Chuppah challenge.

In a collaborative effort with my friend Sarah we created a Chuppah for our friends that were getting married. Sarah and I have complementary talents so as she let loose on the beautiful painting, I figured out the structure.  She did this free hand by the way, she is awesome.


I had the challenge of creating a structure to do this beautiful painting justice. I would like to add here that Heidi and Seth trusted us completely and only told us the colors they wanted us to use. As you know  I drive a small car, so I needed to make so I could collapse it and fit into my Honda Fit.  I started with some scrap wood I had that conveintly already had hinges on it, and cut it to the size of the painting so that two sides would be attached and two sides would kinda drape.


I then set out to make the support system.  Still keeping in mind that I had to transport this in my little car, and it had to stand up.  So I purchased  “gasp” some inexpensive 2 by 2 pieces of wood, four matching plastic pots and some quick-setting cement.  After rigging up a crazy leveling system from the beams of my garage I filled each pot with the cement, made sure the wood was level and quickly walked away before I messed with it too much.


Here they are all dried up.  I drilled a 5/8 hole in the top of each wood post and inserted a hanger bolt of the same size. I dug up sort of matching washers and wing nuts that fit the bolts.


I then stretched the painting out,  stapled two of the sides, and attached these braces.


I had to enlarge the corner hole with my drill so it would slip over the hanger bolt when I attached the top to the wood supports.  At this point my husband arrived to help me attach it so that I could figure what other supports I would need so it wouldn’t twist.  Throwing bungee cords over the ceiling structure of the garage to hold it so I could think it through. Using the scraps I made 45 degree miter cuts and attached them to the wood support. (coincidentally this is when I nicked my finger)


If you look closely you can see my cryptic little markings that hopefully would make it easier to match up the support to posts when I was setting it up for the ceremony.  It almost worked but my orange and red marks looked the same when dry.  Learn something new every day!  At this point I took it down and rolled up the painting and gathered the rest of my supplies and tools I would need.  Fingers crossed and a grumpy teenager in tow we headed out on this ridiculously hot day to make a quick stop at Joann‘s fabrics and get some ribbon and well fabric.  I chose the lightweight ivory muslin that was 118 wide so I got a lot of bang for my buck. With the generous help of the father of the bride, we got it up. No thanks to the grumpy teenager.  I tacked all the fabric up using good old-fashioned thumbtacks and tied it off with ribbons to make it complete. I think it turned out pretty darn nice.  I do think the beautiful setting helped a bit.

IMG_3655 IMG_3653 IMG_3652

MAZEL TOV!! Heidi and Seth.


new work gloves





These look super comfy, padded palms, good fit and cheap, score.  I had no idea that they could operate my iphone with these dainty little flower prints.  I am so excited taking picture after picture with gloves on !!!!!   Day two…..lesson learned, don’t wear these gloves while painting.