It has been a year.

As I continue on with my latest project I just want to say thanks to all of you awesome people who read my blog. Every time I get a new follower I get a renewed excitement for writing it and making the stuff.

This latest endeavor is a labor of love. We have lived in our house for almost 12 years, and I have been ready to do for this 12 years. The sudden decision to start this massive project was made when I drove past Sherwin Williams and the 40% sale was up. I literally screeched into the parking lot got my paint and was off. Over the last couple weeks I have been looking at colors, researching paint, and strippers and gathering supplies. I had four of the doors off and was scraping away before my husband realized what I was doing.

him- did we talk about this?

me- yes a couple of weeks ago.

him- ok?

me- love you.

1. Remove sticky wax like substance with a chemical stripper. I am using some kind of citrus formula, that sits for 30 minutes and then scrapes off like peeling skin (very satisfying)

2. Use a scrub brush or metal scrubbing pad remove residue with odor less minerals spirits.

3. Wash with soap and water and dry.

4. prime and paint using a foam roller for a nice finish

5.  let cure and put back up or on.

Repeat 36 times for doors and 10 times for drawers. ouch

The best part of this is spending every waking minute doing it until it is done, and cleaning behind and out everything. There is some nasty stuff after 12 years. I am not close to being done, but  I am trying to get as much done before spring break, so I can kick it with my family.  I hope you agree that this is a serious upgrade.

IMG_5450 IMG_5482 IMG_5481

Look at that beautiful eighties oak!

These are some in progress photos.

IMG_5478 IMG_5458 IMG_5454 IMG_5453

I’ll let you know when its done.

P.S. If you like what I am doing please share.

put a dragon on it. or a bird.

Pink dragon Bag

So when I was an obsessed art student in my tiny duplex apartment, I spent a great deal of time cutting Japanese paper stencils with an x-acto knife.  I still have the scars to prove it and obviously some of the stencils survived the 6 plus moves after they were so diligently cut.  I am trying to remember why I did that. Nope got nothing.  Oh wait I remember I was making scarves. Wow another issue I have, scarves. I still make them to this very day. Back to the purses. I love a good vintage bag and have a ton, so on a nice 60 degree day I gathered up my stencils and my bags and headed outside. I say 60 degree because I have found that it is a good temperature for spray paint. Too hot and the paint never cures, too cold and it dries too fast and you are also cold. I sprayed a light dusting of spray adhesive on the back and let it dry a bit.  Spray adhesive is really nasty stuff so make sure to wear a mask.  One time I inhaled a puff and had a nice coating of ick on my throat for days.  I let it dry a bit because I did not want it to leave a residue on the bag. Once my stencil was in place I sprayed and let dry in the shade. Usually one coat would do it, in some cases I added another layer.  I still have ton of bags they just have birds or dragons on them (thank you Portlandia)

P1020678 P1020668 P1020664 P1020670