rescue mission: mermaid riding glowing seahorse.

My fabulous friends bought me this lamp for my birthday a couple years back.


They know me well it seems. I am nutty when it comes to the color orange.  Any shade of it will do, I even drive an orange car.  They also could predict my lamp obsession before I wired my first creation up.

It has been sitting on my desk since I got it. It was my immediate intention to replace all the glass glowing balls  because they were cracked and yellowing. I removed them…… Now possibly years later, it’s rescue time.

It is really ridiculous how quickly that went.  Some Krazy glue and some glass balls and done.  Can’t wait till it gets dark so I can turn it on.


And yes that is a silk-screening octopus behind it.


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sad lamp, now happy

I found this lamp in pieces on a tree lawn and I thought it deserved another chance.



I took it apart and cleaned it thoroughly then checked the wiring which was remarkably intact.

I then gave the metal pieces a light sand to take down the glossy finish so paint would be able to stick to it.

choosing the colors on hand in my paint arsenal, two Krylon and one Rustoleum.


Luckily I had the the colors that match the new pillows I made for the porch (update pictures to come later)

and put it back together, now it is happy again.


don’t bring this lamp to a gunfight.

I find that many of my creations are inspired things I find annoying. For instance isn’t annoying when you get some plastic silverware for that BBQ and all you have left is plastic knives. You can’t recycle them and nobody ever uses them. So what do I do? I stockpile.


When I felt that I had enough, then forgot about them, then found them yea! I got down to business. But first I would like to take a minute to introduce you to my very best friend that is a tool. We have been through a lot together, actually we have drilled through a lot together.


Together we made holes in every one of those knives. Taking breaks to cool down the bit and fold some laundry. Multitask.  When we were ready I cozied onto my porch.


with some wire cutters, wire and some hoops from former lampshades.


I wove the wire over the hoop through the hole and around the hoop again, I did this over and over again until I had three tiers.  I ditched this other lamp because well I didn’t like it and my husband keep hitting his head.


I removed the offending pieces parts and added my hoops to form a chandelier.


Ta da!!! Much better!




collection obsession

It is kind of a problem when one member of your family has a collection obsession, but when you all have the same one and it is rocks…well its a real problem.  I already discretely eliminated the “ugly” ones before dragging them up the hill, back to the car, plane, and or boat.  I already filled my garden, all my flower pots and every large glass jar available. If you have been reading my blog you know the obvious answer is I made a pair of lamps.

IMG_0479  IMG_0478

I used old card catalog drawers, the days of google have sealed their fate, and threaded chunks of driftwood which is also abundant at our house.The driftwood acted as little shelves on which to pile the rocks.  I employed two kinds of glue a heavy duty construction glue in between the rocks and hot glue to keep them in place while the other glue dried, and then peeled off the hot glue because it so beautiful.  I topped the whole thing off with letterpress S for me an  A for the hubby, a bead, a heavy metal object, and matching ikea shades from much less interesting lamps.


My children are over lamps

Mom ( that’s me)- hey girls how was school? Don’t you love the new lamp?
Kids (ingrates)- every day we come home there is a new lamp.
Mom- trying not to be offended moves on; just on the porch renovation anyway. I have a bit of an obsession with making custom lamps.
So, here is the new side table to match the lamp from an earlier post. ( ill add an image for your convenience.)





not finish with you yet.

I couldn’t resist using the last piece of the old ugly lamp.


so I collected some more odds and ends from the bottomless pit of my basement.


chose the location and installed a recessed light to pendant light converter.


and walla


I will probably have to adjust it a bit because anyone taller than I hits their head on it. (which is kinda funny)