clutter crusher.

I am renovating our kitchen one wall at a time.  This not only satisfies my wandering brain but we have a working kitchen at all times.  Combine that brain with a sharp need to use only recycled items and it is a looooong process. My husband has been very patient, Thanks honey.  You saw this wall a while back.


lineoluem samples as tile.

I have moved around to the next wall, actually it was a while ago. slow going. thanks honey.  I love to have a cork board so I started with that. I had to buy the cork in rolls and glue to a piece of hardy board that I cut to fit the space, making sure to cut holes for plugs and what not (that is the technical term.)  I then addressed the apparent inability of my family to keep their ducks in rows paper wise. Pile here, here, and oh yea over there.  I know Vivian is a bit young to manage her bills, but their is really no excuse for the other members of the family including myself.  So I galloped out to the garage with a new idea swarming around in my head.  I firmly tell myself “only scrap material allowed from this garage allowed in this project.”  This is good for several reasons. 1. I won’t wander off to the hardware store. 2. I won’t spend anymore money on this wall. 3. I get rid of some of the crap in my garage.

I get busy building a box with six compartments. I make sure that this box will indeed fit under my kitchen cabinet when it is done. Good job Shannon, that was a hard learned lesson. I now have my box, I painted it the same color as the kitchen walls with leftover “Witty Green” Sherwin Williams paint.  Now I have to address the issue of facing my box because I used scrap wood and the edges look rough.  Dig Dig Dig. oh look Lincoln Logs, and other less cool blocks.  Knowing full well that my associate has enough Lincoln logs to build her own log cabin I didn’t feel badly cutting them up.

A giant improvement on the table saw in the last 20 years is the blade guard. This wonderful invention keeps the wood that you remove from coming back out and taking out your eye. Nice right? Unfortunately, I had to remove my blade guard to cut the Lincoln logs in half.  I don’t recommend this at all. underline. Anyway, I cut them in half without loss of digit or eye and tacked them onto the box with my nail gun.  Now how to label them…hmmmmmm. wood burner duh. I burned the appropiate names on the logs with my handy wood engraving tool. Mom, Dad, Ruby, Viv, File, and S**T.   It looks a little rough, but It goes with the feel. I then mounted it on the wall using some brackets and sorted paper.  So far, so good

.IMG_4073 IMG_4072 IMG_4071 IMG_4070 IMG_4068 IMG_4067



kitchen, my kitchen!

While the rain and cold continue, and stop my progress on the porch I return my focus back to the kitchen.  In an effort to not completely tear apart any one room at time I have restrained myself to one chunk at a time. Cleveland has a great organization called Zero Landfill. They work with architects and designers to collect old samples that would otherwise go to the landfill.  Then invite artists and teachers to come haul it away and use it.  You can only imagine how much fun this is for me.

This is the ugliness that plagues my kitchen.


I enthusiastically ripped this out.  Using hardy board I cut a piece that size of the missing tile and tiled it using wood grain linoleum samples.


meanwhile, my assistant does a little light reading.

I then fastened the board to the wall using carefully concealed screws, so whenever I get around to doing the counter tops, the tile will pop off and I can put them right back.


Wall #2 coming right up.