Lego my ego.



I tend to lose perspective. Muddled with the minutiae of daily life I sometimes ignore the larger picture.

The Brother and The Niece were visiting and on a cloudless beautiful day we hit the botanical gardens here in Cleveland to see an exhibit of Lego sculptures cohabitating with the habitat.





and of course my favorite. The seed.


The Niece took a bunch of pictures, The Teenager relaxed due to injury.


and The Associate put her back into it and got down to business.


I am always stunned by the beauty of this garden and the obvious passion of the people who care for it.  My pockets are full of seeds and tendrils and I am reminded that nature is my church, everything is connected, and we are but a small part in a vast universe.


My garden has been tended.

A mighty wind.

While away at a very lovely wedding a mighty wind came through and took down my awesome three-tiered herb garden Martha and Steve made me. The wind was so strong that my porcelain glove form decided to join a gang.


Picking up the pieces of my annihilated herb garden I finally decided what to do with my microwave Pillsbury bundt cake pans. They have been sitting outside in a box that is quickly turning to mush, so it is now or never.  Does anyone actually make cake in the microwave?  Apparently not because these pans are abundant at every thrift store I frequent.

1. The original off white color isn’t pleasing to my eye at all, so I must spray paint. The first can I find that will go right over plastic in one step is yellow so I go for it.


2. When the paint is dry, and still I have them upside down,  I drill 7 little drainage holes in their bundts.

3. flip over and drill a hole in the middle to thread rope through.


4. fill with soil and plants. this is tricky to make them balanced. (I had to add a few rocks to some)

5. Tie a knot,  and thread a washer onto the rope.

6. thread the rope through the bundt up and repeat for next two pans.  (you can measure the rope so that the knots are evenly spaced, or you can throw caution to wind and wing it.)

Now you have a three-tiered herb garden. it is my hope that I can hang it inside this winter and see whats makes it. I will obviously have to add something to catch the water, but I cross that bridge when I come to it.  At least I saved the plants.


update/ hydroponic herb garden


Remember these beauties. I turned them into Hydroponic herb garden.  I thought you might want to glimpse the progress.


little tiny baby roots, and now lots of roots.


so far so good.  I did find this little pretty thing in the box of glass as I was packing up the excess for latter basement dives.


so after a through scrubbing because who knows what this actually used for, it became a vase.


hydroponic herb garden!


Do you remember these? Taking a much needed break from the back breaking labor of the front porch and trying not pass out in the heat, I moved indoors. Unfortunately most of my tools are in the garage with the swarms of insects, and stiffling heat.   I found this scrap piece of wood laying around, and I drilled three 1 1/4 holes equally apart with my awesome Makita that my mom bought for Christmas.


I opted for the 1 1/4 paddle bit because I figured once I cut it down the middle, my table saw would take off another 1/8 of an inch making the holes the correct size to hold the glass. Should I plug tool brands? (Dewalt)


here it is split down the middle. I then dug around and found some rubber stuff to pad the glass from the wood and connected the two pieces of wood back together with brackets.


I attached  some extremely large swivel hooks and chain, and hung it up. The middle one with the cork is a little leaky so I will probably have to find a better solution.
The basil is already growing roots because I have had them in water already for a while.  Keeping my fingers crossed for the mint and oregano. We shall see.







Hmmmmmm. update.

I wonder


After I primed the porch, I set my eyes back to this stack.  A tree that is being painstakingly removed due to electric wires will soon leave a perfect gap. We have always wanted to grow veggies. They must be close to the house or the abundant animal life will munch on it, and I will tend it better.  As our little slice of sun opens up we prepare the palettes. I have chosen these two to start because they have good spacing.  I only gather palettes that have an HT on them, and that are free game. Apparently HT  means they have been heat treated as opposed to chemically treated which I am sure is better. We scrub to clean accumulated yuck and mildew.

IMG_3323 IMG_3317

my assitant likes this work, she is really into it. A whole story comes alive within her brain, that these are teeth and she is a giant dentist cleaning and flossing them.

IMG_3294 IMG_3336

we finish up and set them to dry.  Tommorow is s big day.  I’ll be painting the porch and power-washing the furniture, so we must put these aside for a bit.  But then again our little slice will not be completely open for a least another couple days, so no worries.