big girl desk.

Sooooo. my associate is in first grade now. I can’t believe it.


A couple of years ago I found her this cute little desk for a dollar at a tag sale, and I painted it orange.


Alas, my rough and tumble cohort has banged it up pretty bad.  So because I had nothing else to do in the race to get ready for school I decided to give her an upgrade.  As you know I never throw anything away, and I had stashed this desk when I took it out of my teenyboopers room. Here is a picture of it when it was in her room.


It is huge and begs for clutter, and the drawers never worked properly, so I went for simple. I ditched the drawers and the keyboard thingy.  Using my table saw I cut off 11 inches on both sides and the top, effectively removing all of the schmutz that the previous owner (Ruby) got on it.


I obviously could not reuse the legs but luckily I had some extras from a million years ago from another Ikea purchase.  I then put it back together using the same holes that were already there.  I added some support with these braces that were left over from last weeks basketball hoop installation.


I attached the braces with screws and washers and reinforced it all with this Elmer’s product that I just learned works best joining two different materials.


Finally, I put the original cross support back on using regular Elmers, clamps and a few screws, to avoid the back and forth movement.  I was just imagining her standing on it, I don’t know why she is so well behaved. hee hee. For drawers I rolled in this cute little Ikea storage compartment that I have had for years and has been in almost every room of my house at one time or another. Luckily it slipped right under.  She appears to like it. I do.


Ironic storage.

I have this super annoying storage thingy in my studio. If you have one you know what I mean


The other day I went to perhaps the strangest estate sale ever. The house was filled with ugliest random furniture, and trust me I can go for random.  I did find this cute little dresser beneath a behemoth lamp.  Modeled here by my associate.


It was my intention to teach her how take the knobs off, but she was uninterested because I told her she couldn’t use this.


For a couple of days I wondered how to make this little dresser my own. I have been known to organize a thing or two, but I usually reorganize it again later and have to change all the labels.  I then thought I would be Ironic and decorate each drawer with pictures of things you couldn’t possibly fit in drawers.  Out came the Pennys and Sears catalogs.


and the Elmers.


I then gave each drawer a coat of glue and had some fun randomly placing images.  I let the drawers dry overnight, and in the morning used an old framers trick my dad taught me.  By gently sanding the edges of the drawer I was able to get a clean line while removing the excess paper.


I need a new camera.  A trip to the bottomless pit unearthed these porcelain beauties.


After trying to get my associate to put the pulls on. I just did it myself.


So here you have it. I keep my tires in the first drawer, my tv’s in the second, my shotguns in drawer three, my roller skates in drawer number four and small children in the bottom.




after a few stubbed toes. solution found.

Do you have a child that insists on putting every single doll they have to sleep at night?  Do you have a very creative, intelligent and stubborn child? Does your child like those crazy lalaloopsy dolls with heads like steel? My youngest and my asssociate has all of these traits. After walking in to check on her at night and then leaving cursing under my breath, I knew a solution must be found.


Yes that is her beautiful FLOR carpet that is serving as covers for her babies. This little scene is right in front of her door on this day. She moves it around so I feel like a solider delicately picking their way through a minefield. ( I am not actually comparing myself to a real solider, but it sounds good.)

Down to the bottomless pit I go in search of a solution. I resurface fairly quickly excited.


I have a bunch of these packs because they come in very handy and at our local Habitat for Humanity store there is an seemingly endless supply for 50 cents a pack.   The package should read vent hose, duct work, pipes…… and for whatever Shannon desires.


This I believe is meant for magazines,  whatever.


I hung it from her loft bed and turned into triple bunk bed.  Enough for a whole bunny family on the bottom,  two giant headed lalaloopsys (I have no idea how to spell that word), and a bitty baby. It even swings because I left the ties loose.  She better like it!!!