the earring caresser.

metalscreenbroken and lonely with no hope

step2I already had this really nice frame that my dad constructed years ago, so this was pretty easy. i snipped the wire with my wire cutters, and then stapled it to the frame with my staple gun. put the back of the frame in place and tada!


(I apologize for the quality of this picture)

but you get the idea.

Hmmmmmm. update.

I wonder


After I primed the porch, I set my eyes back to this stack.  A tree that is being painstakingly removed due to electric wires will soon leave a perfect gap. We have always wanted to grow veggies. They must be close to the house or the abundant animal life will munch on it, and I will tend it better.  As our little slice of sun opens up we prepare the palettes. I have chosen these two to start because they have good spacing.  I only gather palettes that have an HT on them, and that are free game. Apparently HT  means they have been heat treated as opposed to chemically treated which I am sure is better. We scrub to clean accumulated yuck and mildew.

IMG_3323 IMG_3317

my assitant likes this work, she is really into it. A whole story comes alive within her brain, that these are teeth and she is a giant dentist cleaning and flossing them.

IMG_3294 IMG_3336

we finish up and set them to dry.  Tommorow is s big day.  I’ll be painting the porch and power-washing the furniture, so we must put these aside for a bit.  But then again our little slice will not be completely open for a least another couple days, so no worries.



Square trays, longing for a purpose.

I have had these trays for probably ten years.  I knew it would come to me.

There was a reason I moved you shelf to shelf, and studio to studio.


So I clamped them together 4 at a time and drilled holes, using a tray from the last batch as a guide, so all of the holes would be the same.

Painted some of them with chalkboard paint and eyeballed the spacing (then I checked with a level)

walla! now it is a collage wall, I am using some for scrap booking pages and some for ideas. Perfect for my nursery sized studio.


snuggling maggots.

Despite what the teenager might think I do not exist to embarrass her.  I only take advantage of it when it produces such utterances as “they look like snuggling maggots.” My sweet non nature loving almost 14-year-old, thinks my obsession with seed pods is weird.  For her entire life I have been attempting to convince her of the beauty and awesomeness of seeds. Well it hasn’t worked yet.

Today as we were driving along a very busy road I pulled over and told her to jump out and grab three of the gigantic seed pods lying about on the ground.

Her:  MOOOOMMMMMM! do you have any idea how stupid I am gonna look!

Me:  Well then make it fast and make sure they aren’t rotted out.

Her: Mom you are sooo weird!

Innocent bystander:  Yea I was just thinking that those things are crazy weird.

Her: I was talking about my mom.

Me: (laughing hysterically)

When she gets back in the car she is laughing with me.

Her:  But I still think your weird.

Meanwhile, on the rest of the drive home I listen as she tells me of her day.  Pretty much standard day, with a few teacher anecdotes, she had me laughing so hard I almost forgot about my gigantic seed pods. She is still entertaining me as we sit in the driveway so I pull out my seed pod. I am enthralled.

Me: feel it.

Her: ewwwwwe

Me: oh my gosh smell it. It smells so good.

Her: ewwwe no. look at this funny picture.

Me: That’s a good one, send that one to Uncle Will.

Her: I’ll send it to him on one condition.

Me: K

Her: That you never make me smell your snuggling maggots.

Me: It does looks like snuggling maggots.

Her: Oh No mom are you totally gonna blog about this?

Me: Yes dear, yes I am.


LOOK how big they are and lime green.

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