not so pretty, but effective.


With dwindling days of camp left I fear for free time.  Those delicious hours when you can get every thing done are slipping away.  Just the other day I was trying to help my Aunt Laurie do something, and this little person kept tripping up my fragile attention span.  My aunt Laurie being of the awesome variety kept the nudge busy by having her measure everything in the house and then compare the sizes.  Brilliant.  She does have infinitely more patience than I do.  The next day she scooted over with some goodies to keep my associate busy.  The adorable little composition notebook is to serve as her measurement journal.  My tendency to make everything compact and organized got the better of me and I dug up a little tape measure and found a nub of a pencil.  Using the top of a gift box, and some duck tape I fashioned a holder on the back of the notebook to house the all important accessories for proper measuring.  while my associate patiently waited. (She did this, not I)



so there you have it, it’s not too pretty, but effective.


Ironic storage.

I have this super annoying storage thingy in my studio. If you have one you know what I mean


The other day I went to perhaps the strangest estate sale ever. The house was filled with ugliest random furniture, and trust me I can go for random.  I did find this cute little dresser beneath a behemoth lamp.  Modeled here by my associate.


It was my intention to teach her how take the knobs off, but she was uninterested because I told her she couldn’t use this.


For a couple of days I wondered how to make this little dresser my own. I have been known to organize a thing or two, but I usually reorganize it again later and have to change all the labels.  I then thought I would be Ironic and decorate each drawer with pictures of things you couldn’t possibly fit in drawers.  Out came the Pennys and Sears catalogs.


and the Elmers.


I then gave each drawer a coat of glue and had some fun randomly placing images.  I let the drawers dry overnight, and in the morning used an old framers trick my dad taught me.  By gently sanding the edges of the drawer I was able to get a clean line while removing the excess paper.


I need a new camera.  A trip to the bottomless pit unearthed these porcelain beauties.


After trying to get my associate to put the pulls on. I just did it myself.


So here you have it. I keep my tires in the first drawer, my tv’s in the second, my shotguns in drawer three, my roller skates in drawer number four and small children in the bottom.




after a few stubbed toes. solution found.

Do you have a child that insists on putting every single doll they have to sleep at night?  Do you have a very creative, intelligent and stubborn child? Does your child like those crazy lalaloopsy dolls with heads like steel? My youngest and my asssociate has all of these traits. After walking in to check on her at night and then leaving cursing under my breath, I knew a solution must be found.


Yes that is her beautiful FLOR carpet that is serving as covers for her babies. This little scene is right in front of her door on this day. She moves it around so I feel like a solider delicately picking their way through a minefield. ( I am not actually comparing myself to a real solider, but it sounds good.)

Down to the bottomless pit I go in search of a solution. I resurface fairly quickly excited.


I have a bunch of these packs because they come in very handy and at our local Habitat for Humanity store there is an seemingly endless supply for 50 cents a pack.   The package should read vent hose, duct work, pipes…… and for whatever Shannon desires.


This I believe is meant for magazines,  whatever.


I hung it from her loft bed and turned into triple bunk bed.  Enough for a whole bunny family on the bottom,  two giant headed lalaloopsys (I have no idea how to spell that word), and a bitty baby. It even swings because I left the ties loose.  She better like it!!!


I have been waylaid by a mysterious specimen. Not quite sure what it was but it hurts!!!! It feels and looks like molten lava dripped all over my RIGHT hand, why not my left? I will spare you the photos, nasty.  Being unable to be still and watching my blogs views dwindle, I had to do something. Its simple yes, given that my good hand is on fire.  ( I am typing left-handed too. slow going ) The scrap-booking bins have been overflowing, but who wants to do that right now?  It’s almost summer.  What I ask myself am I using the most these days, and what is notoriously difficult to keep organized.  Drill-bits, pointy, heavy and sometimes ridiculously small. So sorry, ice tray no more, now you are this.



The handles are a bit wonky due to my blistery digits, but I like it a lot. Thank you to my husband who knew me well enough to not throw away the metal hinges from our old trash can.  All I had to was drill some holes and struggle those babies in.

hope to get better soon.



Sometimes I get started on a project and then it gets in the way of another.  A little pile of stuff, that my brain hasn’t quite processed to fruition.  So I organized.  Instead of sweeping the pile into a basket to be lost again for years possibly, I cuporamasized (insert teenage daughter sigh here)
Who uses yard sticks anymore?  I haven’t actually printed anything out and bound with a clip in quite sometime. Oh and those cups so darn cute!!

IMG_3258 IMG_3259

Now a completely unusable space on the back of door is ummm awesome, and my seeds, beads and barbie heads can co-habitat waiting for their next reincarnation.

new TV!!

We have been living in our house for 10 years. It is a great house but until recently the living room was plagued by an 67 inch by 100 feet Godzilla of a television (spell check made me capitalize Godzilla.)  I felt like it was lurking behind every turn to make me cringe.  Being the patient wife that I am, I waited until my husband was ready to release it.  I wish I had a before picture.  While I was biting my tongue and surreptitiously placing best buy mailers around I worked on the new console.  Once again determined only use what I had already, I set off to make a new home for my imaginary TV. Three things I learned.  1. you need two people to cut a piece of bamboo on a table saw. 2. never start a job 6 months before it can be installed. 3. get a biscuit joiner because joining different kinds of wood just because you refuse to go buy new stuff is hard. 4. I know I only said 3,  it is hard to teach yourself to install second time around hinges. must watch more youtube.



Now we can even operate all the crap through the pegboard!    I think it turned out great for my first shot at such a long piece. My family thinks It looks like it lives in a pineapple under the sea.  It does!!!

Bathroom before and after (finally!!!!)

This is our little master bathroom. It is not fun to wake up and stumble in here. Gray fiberglass,  gray toilet, cheap white tile I mean come on. I can go with any decade really but this eighties ugliness had to go.


I think the best part was ripping out this and throwing it out my window.


We decided to bring the whole room down to the studs because we needed to add access panels, a sorely needed medicine cabinet, and we had some lovely wiring issues to attend to.


huge recessed medicine cabinet, and wiring for the heated floor (which is awesome)


We then got started on the back wall with white penny tile, sconces and a large mirror laid right in the tile like, um well a big piece of tile.


once the wall was done we tiled the entire floor because we planned to put in a freestanding steam shower (which is awesome) oh and a white toilet.


I reused the storage from the old bathroom, for now.  I will eventually create a new sink/vanity when I get around to making the concrete counter top of my dreams.


I do love the Kartell Componibili round storage modules. They are delightful to the eye, yet not good for bathroom storage.  My combined drive to use only what I have, an ideal to uphold that all things even ordinary should look really cool, and the only way I learn is by messing up….. the medicine cabinet took a long time. My family looked on with slight fear in their eyes as I dragged this huge box up and down the stairs.

cabinetopen cabinetclosed

I think it turned out really cool even though” it feels like someone watching me”


Now for the ambiance. Again my own personal ideals as crazy as they are held up the project.

I wanted to get in my steam shower and turn off the lights and gaze on something, for lack of a better word, awesome.

So I turned these to very narrow and long frames from the same group I made the earring caresser.

I created two collages one male and one female and strung the back with LED fairy lights. I sprayed it acrylic in hopes to protect it from the steam.

spalight2 spalight


this is a picture of the steam shower from the manufacturer because it is really hard to photograph glass.

I almost couldn’t get it together because of the horrific directions, but I managed with my trusty uncle Pete.

so there you have it, I took my nasty gray bathroom and transformed it. oh and learned so much

Room fit for a teen

ruby1When I am doing a room in my own house I am only allowed to use what I already have.  I enjoy redecorating the room for sure,  but the challenge of pulling all the elements and supplies from the bottomless basement or from another room is like a life-size puzzle.  I LOVE PUZZLES.  My 13 year old daughter’s room needed a makeover.  Her budding interests and complete obsession with earrings, Pez dispensers, little monsters and being able to dance in her room were the main obstacles.  So, I went digging.  I found the wood in the garage and cut it to size using a table saw so they shelves were uniform length . I created 3 boxes using discarded drawers I found for the sides.  I bored holes through the boxes so they could be staggered on the wall to utilize the most space.  The boxes vary in height because I wanted to work in some pez and monster storage.  Glue, clamped, painted and nailed, I threaded aluminum camping poles through and mounted the whole piece on the wall. (those camping poles were  loved by my family, obviously I had to keep them for 20 years and use them) I wired green lamp, graciously given to me by a friend right through the pole to save space, and added the 5 light (also graciously given to me by a friend at least 10 years ago.) The desk is a half of bi-fold door mounted on the wall with a camp pole leg for support.  I addressed most of her issues, she loves it and has plenty of room to dance. Oh and now I have more room in the bottomless pit to fill YAY!



the earring caresser.

metalscreenbroken and lonely with no hope

step2I already had this really nice frame that my dad constructed years ago, so this was pretty easy. i snipped the wire with my wire cutters, and then stapled it to the frame with my staple gun. put the back of the frame in place and tada!


(I apologize for the quality of this picture)

but you get the idea.