Sometimes I get started on a project and then it gets in the way of another.  A little pile of stuff, that my brain hasn’t quite processed to fruition.  So I organized.  Instead of sweeping the pile into a basket to be lost again for years possibly, I cuporamasized (insert teenage daughter sigh here)
Who uses yard sticks anymore?  I haven’t actually printed anything out and bound with a clip in quite sometime. Oh and those cups so darn cute!!

IMG_3258 IMG_3259

Now a completely unusable space on the back of door is ummm awesome, and my seeds, beads and barbie heads can co-habitat waiting for their next reincarnation.

hydroponic herb garden!


Do you remember these? Taking a much needed break from the back breaking labor of the front porch and trying not pass out in the heat, I moved indoors. Unfortunately most of my tools are in the garage with the swarms of insects, and stiffling heat.   I found this scrap piece of wood laying around, and I drilled three 1 1/4 holes equally apart with my awesome Makita that my mom bought for Christmas.


I opted for the 1 1/4 paddle bit because I figured once I cut it down the middle, my table saw would take off another 1/8 of an inch making the holes the correct size to hold the glass. Should I plug tool brands? (Dewalt)


here it is split down the middle. I then dug around and found some rubber stuff to pad the glass from the wood and connected the two pieces of wood back together with brackets.


I attached  some extremely large swivel hooks and chain, and hung it up. The middle one with the cork is a little leaky so I will probably have to find a better solution.
The basil is already growing roots because I have had them in water already for a while.  Keeping my fingers crossed for the mint and oregano. We shall see.







mothers day.

 I am a mother and there are days I love it and days I need to borrow that guys glasses from the X men in order for me not to obliterate everything with my laser eyes.  My 13 year old daughter did buy me a sweet! cardigan, my youngest made me 12 cards, and I had a delicious brunch my mom and mom in law, but why is my kitchen so @#$% messy?  You know what I mean..  

I am bit of vintage retail photo junky and I found these inspirational images, I hope they provide giggles.


caregivers go get your relax on…, but a big shout out to good kids, loving husbands and wives, and anybody who minds children on a daily basis.


new work gloves





These look super comfy, padded palms, good fit and cheap, score.  I had no idea that they could operate my iphone with these dainty little flower prints.  I am so excited taking picture after picture with gloves on !!!!!   Day two…..lesson learned, don’t wear these gloves while painting.

Not ready for the summer… Yet

I know they only cost 3 dollars to replace, I know! I can’t give up on them, they provided so much light for us! Apparently sometimes I go a little to far to keep something from going to the landfill. I can’t help it, I get attached.

I cut off the yucky straw, and scrubbed them clean in my handy kiddie pool.

Then I weeded out the good containers from the bad and rusty, and Replaced a few wicks. I found this giant roll of commercial package strapping at an estate sale (which they willingly gave me pretty much for free)

Then I got my weave on. Now we are ready for the summer!!!


My children are over lamps

Mom ( that’s me)- hey girls how was school? Don’t you love the new lamp?
Kids (ingrates)- every day we come home there is a new lamp.
Mom- trying not to be offended moves on; just on the porch renovation anyway. I have a bit of an obsession with making custom lamps.
So, here is the new side table to match the lamp from an earlier post. ( ill add an image for your convenience.)