My Icarusey ride…

I was flying high when I entered the gallery and saw myself and my people on the walls.  How amazing to be painted by someone who knows you so well.  I felt like a movie star for 10-12 minutes and it was beautiful.

IMG_7242 IMG_7243

Maybe life is always like this, up-_down up-_down up-_down, or maybe I got a little to close to the sun this time because the fall felt sharper then usual as I ended up in the mall.  I hate the mall, but The Teenager needed a dress for homecoming.  (Back story) My offspring are 7 plus years apart, which is good and bad.  Beside the fact that the older can babysit the younger the only other “good” I can summon today is that she and I can reflect together on her poor fashion choices as I guide the younger through THE EXACT SAME THINGS.  Facing the all too stark reality that The Teenager + the current fashion trends = lurching stomach, I awoke to The Associate brushing her hair so furiously that I was afraid she would rip it out.  What in the heck was she even doing out of bed? I usually have to drag her about to get her out the door, but she had “a style” in mind.

I took a deep breath and said,

“let me do it how I think I would you like it and you tell me if it is ok. ok?”

She agreed with me! phew.  As I hurried The Teenager into the car I reminded her of some her particularly bad fashion choices as she complained about her sister, and she recounted my first fashion talk I gave her with amazing accuracy.  I was a shy girl and expressed myself through my clothes, and still do. I was shopping at thrift stores at a very young age, always striving to be different for the least amount of money.  I clearly had a child with the same purpose, and I gave her this talk when she was about 8.  Out of 365 days of the year I get 7 vetoes.  Assuming of course you are appropriately covered because those vetoes don’t count.  She wanted to know why I would ever make her change her clothes and I explained the importance of dressing for an occasion or a gramma.  You can still make your impression but do it with more elegance on those days.  I have never had to say this twice to my eldest spawn, and she hasn’t been vetoed in years. Until, the mall yesterday.   She just happened to be wearing her signature cat eye makeup with her thick platinum hair flowing down and three-inch heels and a “dress”.  She looked stunning and I stammered.

“you looked absolutely beautiful but you look like you would feel at home on a pole, so…… no.” We settled on a less curve hugging ensemble, and she complained about looking like a fifth grade teacher, I smiled, and thought here I go again as I strapped on my wings.

Pictures to follow.




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