I am trying not to take the bait….

The Associate wants fish. I resisted for a long time because of the many misfortunes of previous fish. I asked The Teenager if she was scarred by my ruthless though unintentional slaughter of her pets. She says she isn’t, but I am.

This conversation happened at least year ago and the threat of never having a fish has been wielded frequently,  so much that it isn’t taken seriously at all anymore and I begin to consider this new addition to our family.  Being practical ( I do try) I first address the placement of this tank, and where would it be least likely the fish die by my hand. So kitchen. Next up what will this tank look like, and where will it come from. I am very frugal when it comes to purchases like this and I am pretty sure there is an abundance of fish torture chambers available for free.

Duh. I have one in the dining room that I have been using as a terrarium forever and is sorely in need of a replanting.  We clean it out.


buckled it in and took it to the aquarium store to get a second opinion.


They were very helpful and thrilled by my tank. They had never seen one like it, and tried to convince me to get jellyfish, I was sold, but The Associate didn’t want a salt water tank.  OK then.  We went home with a filter, a pump and a very stern warning to make sure it was watertight before any further action was taken.


We set it up on the porch and filled her (she is definitely a she) up to see.  The Associate thought it was funny to splash water on the cardboard to make it look like it was leaking, but we had too much momentum to stop now and my empty threats fell upon deaf ears.  She held her water and we did some research about fish and ease of care.  After the test was done we emptied her again and moved her around the house to find a good home before I filled her up again.  Following the advice of our fish friends we let it run for two weeks and then set about getting some fish. I unfortunately fell ill and couldn’t pull it together until Sunday evening to make it to the store and they promptly closed as we pulled in.  Melt down ensued… “I am devastated, I have had to wait through winter, spring, summer and now it is fall again!!!! I am paraphrasing of course, but it went on and on.  The Teenager chimed in “and you will have to wait a whole 24 more hours, get a grip.” “you get a grip!” was shouted back but the mood slowly wound down as we strolled through whole foods looking for soup to make me feel better. 30 minutes later she is singing about being on top of the world, and The Teenager inquires about her roller coaster ride.  I go to bed wondering if she is stable enough to parent fish, because we already know that I am not.  What to do….


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