Back from vacation, slightly rested.

We blasted our way down 77 to make it to Wilmington NC in record time, the kids didn’t make a peep, the dog didn’t slobber everywhere, and the mood was light. This obviously meant something was coming. Yes it did, in the form of rain. Three days of ick.  We made do, by puzzling, eating and playing with the tortoise “Kevin”.  A diaper was constructed after he pooped on our puzzle but no biggy. (that is jake behind him in the picture. He thinks Kevin is delicious.


One day Wendy (the TT’s godmama) took us on an abbreviated One Tree Hill tour, because The Teenager loves it, and it was overcast.  This is apparently the place where blah blah and blah blah made important life choices.


This is the 6th street Bridge. I don’t know anybody who has actually driven over it, until today.


This here is what we call “The Stab and Grab” for obvious historical reasons. We “drove by” so TT could get a quick shot of yet another location from One Tree Hill.


We had dinner with friends, and The Teenager pretended not to be impressed by the fact that two of my closet friends and her aunties went to the very first Warped Tour. She has no idea how cool we are. he he.

The sun poked its head out four days in and we ventured out to the beach.  I made an excursions to antique shops and army surplus stores.

IMG_6595 IMG_6591

Ice. Ice baby was on a loop in this establishment. I was heartbroken that I didn’t find some random goodies, AND I sang Vanilla Ice for the rest of the day.

IMG_6516 IMG_6578 IMG_6560

Had some fun in the sun. Took a ride in this beauty.


and The Teenagers uncle Lucky got her a new pair of Vans.


Who needs Sun? Son!

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