happy day. solstice.



I know that this day also signals the decline of sun we are allotted per day, but I opt for optimism and have a big day planned.  The Associate and I headed out around one for some fun after some bribing went down. Anybody who reads this blog o’ mine is familiar with The Associates, shall I say lifestyle,  so sometimes it takes a little promise of a cookie or some such sweet to get her out of the house.

Recently people in my little slice of the world have begun to acquire chickens. We being lucky enough to have too much backyard are toying with this idea.  Well they are, I am in.  We started this beautiful day with the chicken coop tour to pick like chickens at the brains of those already rearing chickens.


my favorite design of the day, but this chicken looked grumpy despite her beautiful abode.


I dragged The Associate around for a while until the allure of lunch and cookies became overwhelming.  She is as cantankerous as that chicken as we wait for our snacks.


I ditched The Associate for The Husband and we headed out to the Larchmere Porch Fest for some music, and then down to The Cleveland Museum of Art for the summer solstice party.



good times. xo

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