lying low.

Summer is in full swing, water, camp, rain, heat, bugs, sunscreen, attempts at housekeeping and attempts at creating. Every day can be a delicate balance. I, however have decided to not stress and instead my daily success is measured by how little time The Associate spends watching My Little #$% Pony.  You might say this is lazy, but I won’t agree.

I won’t agree because I have also applied this technique to The Associates emotional well-being.  She is obviously a deep thinker and contemplates life’s obstacles in a distinct way, so why not let her. Being the smallest member of the family and the alpha is very strenuous. We used to worry constantly about her anti-social behaviour (of course she is an angel at school.)  These days we lie low and let her come to us with her revelations.

I think it was Monday. Whatever day it was I now liken it to Neil Armstrong’s first words as he stepped onto the moon, and in the exhilaration the moment we weren’t quibbling over her words like poor Neil’s.

The day started like any other with me poking her awake and her making some hilarious remark about respect while half asleep.  On this day there was no rush so cuddling ensued.  We went out to play some tennis in the wilting heat, and came home to do some housekeeping/ fumigation.  I went up to change and came down to find the tables wiped down and a glass of water garnished with mint and a straw.  Shock, Awe.  The day marched on with little surprises of consideration and compliance, and an official looking apology was issued to The Teenager by The Associate for her aggression without provocation.

By dinner time the house was slightly cleaner and we sat down to eat.

The Associate- I am out of the stealing business.

Us- Well alright starchild! (applause)

The Associate- I am out of the lying business.

Us- cheers!!! (applause)

The Associate- I am out of the blaming others business.

Us- Wooo hooooo. That’s great honey blah blah blah.

The Associate- (with devilish grin) but I am still in the complaining business.

Us- laughter, tears.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for The Associate”





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