80’s toy time

I sometimes envy The Associates imagination, she can entertain herself and her toys for hours creating elaborate story lines.  Today she invented a new word when asked how she felt before she got on stage with her friends to perform at the talent show.  Nervicited (ner-vi-cited) means nervous and excited, which I suppose is good because I would never have gotten on the stage at all.  The other day I forced myself to sit down and play with this camper she “borrowed” from gramma’s house.  It is equipped with all the necessities, a family, a toaster with toast, a cutting board with mushrooms on it, stove, sink, dock, and deck; all in lovely 80’s pastels.


TA: You are the mom, of course.

ME: Is that my huge baby? Is that my Husband?


TA: Yes she is a little big.

ME: Why can’t I stand up all the way?  Is it from carrying that giant baby?  Why am I the only one doing the dishes and cutting mushrooms?


TA: Actually, Yes. MOM would you let me finish with the back story!

ME: I don’t think that is a very good example for the giant baby.  She needs to see the man help.

TA:  Nevermind. geez.





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