Film? what’s that?

The high school that The Teenager is attending in the fall is about to undergo a huge renovation.  I am not sure if a “real darkroom” will be in the new facility or if she will be able to take photography.  Photo I is an important part of high school in my opinion, especially slowly it all down in the darkroom, so I have taken it upon myself to teach her myself considering this is what I majored in at NYU.  I ordered a mixture of 120 and 35mm black and white film and started to get excited.  I do like Ilford products, but I have to admit I went with the cheapest on this occasion, because when a person is used to taking a million of digital pictures they can run through a roll of film damn quick.


Yes. you can learn too.


Our first lesson.


This is how we used to take selfies.  We used to have to precariously balance our camera on something if no tripod was available, adjust the aperture and shutter speed (blank faces) and then push up the self button, run around and get into the shot before the shutter is released.  Shutter? Yea. you know the noise your iphone makes when you have the sound on is a replication of an actual shutter that opens and closes when you push the button. (blank face and open mouth) COOL!

Second lesson.


The different kinds of formats, lenses and films. I confess I got a little excited about this and actually forgot to pick up The Associate from school for the first time ever. She did get home ok walking as she has been begging me to do for a while now, so I despite being a little worried, she was also empowered.

The Teenager asked me as I scurried panicked out the door to get The Associate. “Why would someone go through all that trouble?” Slightly irritated I said “It’s an ARTFORM!, I’ll drop my knowledge on someone else if you don’t want it.” she replied “Mom please drop your knowledge on me.”

This just might work!

Now if the rain ever stops we’ll go take some pictures and get busy in the darkroom. update soon!

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