cardigan/lab coat.

The Associate and The Teenager have simultaneously picked up new hobbies. The perfect ones to mess up my almost finished kitchen.  The Associate’s is pretty standard,  she has become a scientist/inventor apparently overnight.  Her cardigan is her lab coat, which she won’t let me wash, and insists on sleeping in.  Armed mostly with a bowl, water,  some kind of toy, my old glasses, and an accent she entertains and I encourage.  Why just the other day she “temporarily” gave me super powers.  Hurricane hands, and animal powers allowed me fight and beat the formidable “cute but dangerous” Muffins,  and then just like that, she took them away. Damn.

The Teenager on the other hand has got the bug for baking. She has made two beautiful and delicious cakes and hoarded them like they were gold. This had led to some serious discord among the sugar eaters in the house, so I asked her if she maybe wanted to learn to cook food.  To my delight she has accepted, and is ready to actually listen to my years of knowledge on the subject. I am very excited about this, but maybe I am just tired of being alone in the kitchen. Say good-bye to my clean fresh kitchen.


2 thoughts on “cardigan/lab coat.

  1. Excellent! Make sure she gets really good so she can cook for all of us when you guys come down to Williwood.


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