fun with The Associate and The Teenager.

Our poor little city has been struggling to emerge from this brutal winter. We have been cooped up and deprived of fresh air for too long. Unfortunately my decision to tear apart the kitchen coincided with my kids spring break.  This is of course fine is with The Teenager who pretty much wants to be her friends, but not so good for The Associate as she was spending a little too much time alone in her room.


So, I took a break and forced them out with me. A little kicking and screaming was involved but I wasn’t taking no for an answer.   The adventure began with delicious French Pastries, coffee, and swiped sugar cubes from Coquette a lovely new cafe in the heart of University Circle.


Hear is a picture of The Teenager’s response to lemon tart (that she definitely didn’t want, but loved)


Next we wandered down the street to The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) The Associate had to try out all the chairs.



All smaller people were befuddled and the surprised by the size of the museum. We ventured to the top to a dead-end and then wound our way back to the galleries.


The Associate, with hands tucked behind her back would read the card and interpret the art for me. IMG_5509

here they are contemplating a concrete structure and the TA warming her hands by a fake fire.


The subject matter of this exhibit was very deep and my offspring did me proud. In fact The TT was so moved that she was visibly affected, and well the TA just did this.


After dropping some cash in the gift shop they didn’t want to stop, so we hopped over to the art museum.  I would like to point out at this moment that I have been trying to get them to come with me FOREVER and now I had them hooked. I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have because I was trying to be present and alert for their many questions. So,If you don’t know Cleveland then imagine an enormous, beautiful, FREE museum, but of course we needed to have some sustenance first.




As the TA passed through each room I did what my father used to do with me, and ask which was my favorite, I was surprised that usually we chose the same one, for similar reasons.  She blew my mind however as we passed through one room and she turned back to look and a huge Sol Lewitt pencil drawing on the wall, and said it was her favorite overall because it could be erased. In one moment she grasped the impermanence of life and art, wow.


Rest was needed.  Next up D.C.





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