wicker wonder.

These were actually made.


Sometime in the seventies some genius made a mold and made these plastic atrocities. I thought it must be Kismet that I found six of them in the same day while combing the thrift stores for treasure.  I like a challenge after all.  While waiting for the weather to break so I could go outside at all let alone spray paint something, I tried to decide on color and filler.  Normally I would just go with whatever color I have on hand, but these needed to be red.  We had some 60 degree weather the other day and I stumbled out blinded by the sun to get started.


Sooo much better. I wanted to make them mirrors, but I was pretty sure I would never find them to fit. I spent a grand total of 8 bux already so custom mirrors were out of the question. Then I found these. (sorry for blurry pic)


It is plastic mirror that can be cut to any shape you can imagine!


Using the old insert as a template I cut the mirror. I used tin snips so as not to dull any of my scissors that I am already batting out The Associates hands while screaming “FABRIC”  or “PAPER.”  Scissors are expensive. I then oh so carefully removed the plastic protective coating and worked the mirror back under the little snaps. Not perfect, but they are too small to really use as mirrors, just to reflect light.  I connected them together using thin wire so I only had to make a few holes in the wall, because knowing me it will be somewhere else soon.

IMG_5439 IMG_5435





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