Sometimes I feel bad that I am playing out my daughters childhood on my blog, but I can’t make this stuff up.

The shelf of contemplation.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to document these insights into the depth of the The Associates ticking mind before. I am not always entirely awake when these conversations happen.

These are my favorites so far.  We love pictures in this house and our hallways are lined with as many as possible.  I have bins full of random frames for this purpose, so they can be switched quickly as they break often. The Associate removed this one from the wall and placed on the shelf next to her bed…. A couple of days go by.



me- why did you take this picture of the wall, and why is it here next to your bed?

TA- To remind me how beautiful my hair was before I cut it off.


me- why do you feel like you need a reminder?

TA- you never know I just might do it again.


Then today this went down.

me- good morning sunshine.

TA- I am not done with my dream yet.

me- Ok 5 minutes.

TA- effortlessly sinks back into the same dream!!!

me- Ok sunshine it is time to get up. was it a good dream? Does it have anything to do with this tableau you have on your shelf?


TA- Oh yea. no she is in jail. She has a fire, a bed, some food and a toilet.

me- why is she in jail?

TA- her and her friend were gonna rob a store, and the other friend thought that was a terrible idea. She knew her parents would be so disappointed if she did that, but her friend went ahead and did it anyway and now she is in jail.

me- wow. how long does she need to stay there? It’s nice they gave her a fire.

TA- She has to apologize, and then she’ll get out, and this is a nice jail; her family still loves her even though she made a mistake.

me- We will always love you no matter what.  So was that your dream?

TA- I dreamt I was a dog and you were scratching my belly.




3 thoughts on “Sometimes I feel bad that I am playing out my daughters childhood on my blog, but I can’t make this stuff up.

  1. This is adorable! I’ve seen the expressions of dogs when someone is rubbing their belly, and it’s probably safe to say that it doesn’t get any better than that. 🙂


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