valentines day.

I have to admit it. This winter is killing me. My creativity frozen. I usually don’t excessively complain about the weather, I live in Cleveland for crying out loud, but this winter has broken me.  Then of course there is Valentine’s Day. I think it sucks. I fortunately have a Valentine, but It feels so forced we just kinda ignore it, however when you have young children you have to participate.  It actually turned out to be a good teachable moment and delicious.

I am not big on sweets, but I dip anything in chocolate. We went with marshmallows and graham crackers.


First we stop at the local international foods and pick up this huge block of Ukrainian Chocolate. Then we go home to set up.1.  Clear out a shelf in the fridge for cooling (We built three tiers with cooling racks and baking sheets.)

2.  Break graham crackers into fourths. This is not perfect as the score lines aren’t very deep.


I save the little white paper muffin cups that are in between the foil for this very purpose.


3. Get papers ready on baking sheets.


4. put water in a pan and create a double boiler with a stainless bowl on top. (if you don’t have a double boiler.)  Despite a full complement of Le Crueset pans, this Farberware pan I have had for 20 years is my favorite.


5. Slap hands of Associate as she tries to eat all of the marshmallows.

6. Break up chocolate and melt in the bowl. When it is nice and creamy dip your graham crackers.


7. pour small batches of marshmallows in the chocolate and quickly coat and scoop out. (they melt, so hurry) place a single marshmallow on top so people can tell what lies in wait under that yummy chocolate. This is important when you are bringing to a 1st grade class, all those allergies.

8. Cool


9. Take whatever kind of nut or raisin you have and dump into the leftover chocolate, so as not waste a single drop.


while we were doing all of this The Associate made tags for EVERYONE in the class. This lead to a lengthy conversation about friendship and how people change and grow, and generally have rough patches. I think I got through to her, we’ll see.

IMG_5080 IMG_5074

10. wrap in cute little bags and try not eat them.


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