bead buddy.


It is pretty obvious that I won’t be going anywhere today, so I dragged myself up to my studio to try to complete the clean out and unearthed this little thingymabob.


with its “smooth and easy action”


and its stupid instructions. Yes I know they are sideways. IMG_5042 I grabbed the first cache of beads and string I found and made my first attempt.IMG_5039First I used the pictures. nope. ” wow. damn that’s sharp” Then I haphazardly read instruction number 1 and 3. again failure. Then I read 2 and 4 “OHHHHHH I get it, OUCH. not really. Unwilling to accept defeat I “you tubed” it, and low and behold there was a thirty second video of how to use The Bead Buddy. Thank goodness!  Somebody out there gets me! I had to watch 10-13 seconds at least five times, while I watched Ms. Magic fingers effortlessly make perfect knots with a pokey weapon like implement. “Is she kidding?”  I wish this was a dramatization.  I felt like I had fives thumbs and they all wanted to party at the same time. I toiled for another twenty minutes and successfully connected 6 beads. Good job Shannon.  I think I’ll try that again in the summer.IMG_5040I’m sorry Mickey and Nicky for my utter ignorance of grammar, and the rules of the English language.  IMG_5007thanks for reading.

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