never a rose without the ” ” (attempt 3)

The lovely and talented Sarah Curry and I joined forces once again to create holiday gifts for the treasured ladies in our lives. Stymied by time constraints we did most of the designing via text message.  Once the tasks were divvied up we got to work. Sarah drew the images and made transparencies, while I stretched and exposed the silk screens. Once the pashminas arrived we ventured bravely into the dungeon. After clearing the rubble from our printing surface and cracking open a bottle of red wine we got down to business.


IMG_4874 IMG_4873

IMG_4875 IMG_4876

here are a few of my ladies.


This is what Sarah wrote to accompany the gifts

You are the recipient of a limited edition pashmina scarf created by the loving hands of Shannon and Sarah of pure and sweet. These are different from our other creations and yet possess the same spirit of our brand.  We chose to leave the interpretation of the phrase open-ended as there are st least two sides to every story and multiple sides to every woman. We see it as a talisman, meant to protect, embellish, empower and entertain.  If you reading this, you are one of the strong and complex women in our lives deserving of this adornment, enhancing your beauty and wrapping you in our love.

Hopefully this attempt will work I had to delete an offensive word that was interpreted in a completely different context.

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