The Teenager makes good.

Now that she delivered her thank you notes to me I feel a little bad about my last post.  She even wrote one to me and her dad.  Sorry Boo.

Anyway, I had an opportunity to prove that my hoarding habits aren’t horrible. In fact, I supplied everything that The Teenager needed to do her science project from minature studio. Everything. It was fun too. Unfortunately, she has a super mean teacher that only picks on her. This however, inspired her to a really good job.

The project was to demonstrate Newton’s Laws with a playground design, and everything had to work.

I happened to have one piece of foam board, but it had a crazy silver pattern on it. So I offered it to her to use the blank side. Not my daughter, no she wanted to go big, and decided it was a playground in winter. K. let’s do it.

foam board

craft sticks large and small

paint and brush

lots of wire

small flag pole

hemp rope

twist ties

jump rings

xacto knife

cotton balls

Krazy glue

Elmers glue


metal for swings


vellum for flag

small grommets

pipe cleaners

knitting needles



thread spool


paint pens

that’s it I think.

The pictures don’t do it justice.


oops! Ken had an accident.

Here is a picture of the swings made from a vintage belt, craft sticks and paper clips.


next is the abacus demonstrating something


Here is the slide, and a bit of the see saw on the thread spool. oh and a pond, not sure what that demonstrates.


I helped with the flag. The pulley actually works. She painted the snowflake,


There is the rolling barrel and the tube to crawl through, and a little bit of the coil climby thing, and snow.


She did good. Maybe that teacher will be a little nicer now, and I am officially the best mom to have around when she has assignments like this.

see hoarding isn’t horrible.





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