good job my young padawan.

I never made pancakes yesterday, so she never got out of bed.  She is definitely stubborn, I mean tenacious. 


However, when my husband arrived home with fresh bagels she graced us with her presence.  My husband’s family has this delicious tradition of “The bagel boy”  It is a fresh toasted everything bagel (or mish mosh), cream cheese, sliced hard-boiled egg and sliced tomato sandwich.  You must try it someday.  After the eggs were boiled I rinsed out the carton because it was styrofoam and couldn’t recycled, so of course I had to make something out of it. I didn’t notice that it disappeared from the drying rack until I found it in My Associates room.  Good job my young padawan. 


I guess my spell check has never seen Star Wars.

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