coupling cups

On this day so chilly and rainy I try to find something to occupy my mind.  It is noon and my Associate has declared she will remain in bed all day. Occasionally she yelps for pancakes. Oh wait. She just declared she will get out of bed if I make pancakes. I hate pancakes, sorry kid. Every surface of my petite studio is covered with a project. (These projects are top secret for the moment)  I have about a square foot of free space to make something, so I go small and easy.  The other day a friend generously tossed random crafty items into a bag for me.  The last item she cast has had me stumped.


Two bags of PVC couplings.  Inexplicably they were dirty despite being sealed in a bag, so first I cleaned them and started to stack.  Using a quick acting glue, that wouldn’t ooze I made two stacks of two and one stack of three leaving the others as singles. I thought for awhile about spray painting them a different color, but decided to leave them white.  I then arranged them in a neat formation and using a very sticky glue clamped them together.


Now I guess, I’ll go make pancakes.


please share.

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