pure and sweet scarves.

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I mentioned in yesterdays post about another issue. scarves. It appears I have a bit of obsession with long comfy things that you can wind around your neck.   Before I started blogging I had no need to make connections and in 70 short blogs I have found a lot out about the way my mind works.  Backwards, forwards, ten years early, and 60 years late. But I digress.

You have heard about Sarah before, my super talented friend.  It all started one day when we decided we needed to collaborate.  Sitting on the porch (when it was beat up) sharing a bottle of wine we came up with a line a snarky,  fun, beautiful scarves featuring female characters with an attitude and a sense of humor.  Venturing into the abyss of my basement we made a suitable silk screen studio.  Despite the slightly moldy smell and the tight space we had fun.  Sarah mixing beautiful colors and us working seemlessly together.  The images you see here are of the second line we designed, modeled by none other than Ruby/grumpy teenager/embarrased child/terrific hugger/model.

LDSI12#2.5 LDSP12#2.5 LDST12#2.5

“lovely and deadly”
Jade found this poisonous and irresistible flower at the foothills of the Himalayas while fighting off her nemesis. When she isn’t flying through the clouds she can be found serving tea in her exquisite garden. Don’t cross Jade or you’re sure to find her flower steeped in your tea.
NRST12#2.5 NRSP12#2.5 NRSI12#2.5

“nice rack”
Sylvia might look sweet as she serves you warm gooey cookies hot from the oven.  Don’t be deceived by her smile because she raised and slaughtered that rack of lamb you polished off while sitting beneath her eight point trophy on her wall.
BMSP12#2.5 BMST12#2.5 BMSI12#2.5

“blow me”
Sandy  the supreme stylist blows out the mullet you wish you had with her supersonic blow dryer powered by the local wind farm. You can hear the  rattle of her vintage fan that she turns on to cool down the hot styles in her salon.
CBSI12#2.5 CBSP12#2.5 CBST12#2.5

“cranky bitch”
Frankie is cranky. She manages to keep her cool despite the hot headed minions in her shop.  You don’t want to piss off Frankie or you might catch a wrench to the side of the head.

If you feel like buying one they are for sale on pureandsweet.net.

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