who’s laughing now?

Being almost 14 must be hard. It is apparently uncool to carry an insulated lunch bag now. I mean she completely refuses. What the heck happened it’s not like it is a new school. She is an eighth grader and on top of the heap.  Me being a strict recycler finds this irritating, and what do you pack in a paper bag?  The possibilities are not endless,  and by the way why am I packing your lunch again? After a couple of weeks of this, saving every paper bag I find, and diligently helping to find non-perishables to consume at lunchtime, she starts complaining.  Well then this is my answer to that.  You can start making it yourself, again, or this is what the bag is gonna look like every morning.


Love you honey, have a good day.

4 thoughts on “who’s laughing now?

  1. Love it! I really, really, really need to start my day with you proving that laughter is the best medicine! Thank you. : ) Mickey


  2. When I was that age I was too cool to carry anything to school, including books. Mom would pack me a brown bag and I would deposit it in the trash at the bottom of the driveway on my way to the bus stop. Lunch cost 95 cents, so I’d stand at the end of the line asking “can I have your nickel, can I have your nickel…”, until I collected up enough to buy lunch. Eventualy mom found out and after a scolding decided to just give me the dollar every day.


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