A mighty wind.

While away at a very lovely wedding a mighty wind came through and took down my awesome three-tiered herb garden Martha and Steve made me. The wind was so strong that my porcelain glove form decided to join a gang.


Picking up the pieces of my annihilated herb garden I finally decided what to do with my microwave Pillsbury bundt cake pans. They have been sitting outside in a box that is quickly turning to mush, so it is now or never.  Does anyone actually make cake in the microwave?  Apparently not because these pans are abundant at every thrift store I frequent.

1. The original off white color isn’t pleasing to my eye at all, so I must spray paint. The first can I find that will go right over plastic in one step is yellow so I go for it.


2. When the paint is dry, and still I have them upside down,  I drill 7 little drainage holes in their bundts.

3. flip over and drill a hole in the middle to thread rope through.


4. fill with soil and plants. this is tricky to make them balanced. (I had to add a few rocks to some)

5. Tie a knot,  and thread a washer onto the rope.

6. thread the rope through the bundt up and repeat for next two pans.  (you can measure the rope so that the knots are evenly spaced, or you can throw caution to wind and wing it.)

Now you have a three-tiered herb garden. it is my hope that I can hang it inside this winter and see whats makes it. I will obviously have to add something to catch the water, but I cross that bridge when I come to it.  At least I saved the plants.


3 thoughts on “A mighty wind.

  1. Oh, Shannon! Thank you! ….After dealing with some heavy stuff this morning, I opened “A mighty wind,” read your first two sentences with the photo of your porcelain glove, and burst out laughing. Just what I needed to do at that very moment. ‘Love your sense of humor – and you!


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