Brady’s Baubles

When a friend asks me to solve their jewelry problems I get right on it, especially if that friend is as awesome as Brady. There is nothing worse than tangled necklaces. Well actually there are a lot of worse things, but I would never do anything if I kept up with that negativity. So at the risk of repeating myself, I never throw anything away (just my husband and kids crap that is not as useful as my crap 😉 I dug deep to find supplies.  The requirements were simple, and the space was small.  I headed down to the dungeon and stared into the abyss with hopeful x-ray vision. It worked and I only had to unearth a few containers to gather my ingredients.

1.  one oblong ugly painting that has stretchers in good order.


2. mesh fabric from a failed Halloween costume

3. staple gun (electric is nice) staples.

4. Glue (I used Krazy Glue)

5. Velcro


6. eye hooks and picture hanging wire

7.  assortment of hooks


8. little containers


9. drill and drill bit that is slightly smaller than the hooks

After removing the offending painting from the stretchers I stretched the mesh over the frame, using the staple gun, working from the center of each side out to get a nice taut surface. It is best if you alternate sides to ensure your fabric doesn’t get over stretched in any one direction.  After this was done to my satisfaction I turned it over and attached the eye hooks and wire because if I did this later I would have to contend with pokey things and an uneven surface.


Then I flipped it back over and drilled pilot holes along the bottom stretcher and the middle support for the hooks. Working from a random collection I attempted to make some sort pattern that would be pleasing to the eye. Once you have made a pilot hole you can screw them in by hand.  IMG_4122

I attached Velcro to bottom of the containers with glue to reinforce that sticky stuff on the Velcro.  I stapled the Velcro to frame in equal intervals. I didn’t use glue just in case Brady didn’t like this feature she could just pull out a staple and be done with it.




She Likes IT!!!!

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