act now. prevent.


I had a request for a pair of these earrings from a friend who LOST HERS!!! I won’t name names. Hopefully she was acting now and preventing something when they disappeared.  Lucky for HER I never throw anything away, and I have millions of wishbone cocktail thingys.  When I made these I was obsessed with fonts and type from vintage magazines, still am probably if I am honest with myself. So I scanned them in to my trusty MAC and photoshoped them to fit on petal shaped brass stampings.  I drilled holes in the petals first and then glued my words on them with some Elmers.  After several attempts at this I figured out that I should coat the words to protect them from smudging during the gluing process so I sprayed them with clear acrylic gloss. This act prevented two things, smudging and less ripping during cutting because my lazy self didn’t want to get up and walk the 5 feet to get a fresh x-acto blade.  I drilled two holes in the wishbone. One to hold a jump ring and ear wire and one to hold a jump ring and my petal.  I then put them altogether with pliers.  Below are some other examples from this series, I apologize for picture quality something obviously prevented good lighting that day.


1240057041223 1240057201227 1240057281229 1240057521235 1240057801242



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