outbox me.

Here in the lovely city of Cleveland Heights we take our recycling very seriously. I have been hammering this pretty hard into my children for their entire lives. It has started to backfire on me as they learn more about in school and sometimes mama is lazy. 

This reminds of when my teenager was learning to read and we would practice at the grocery store.

me “if you can’t read the word it is bad for you, and was created in some lab.”

her “oh” “poly soamnsjaihiwinln”  “that sounds bad.”

me “yes it is dear”

her “mom can I have these (insert over processed snack food)?

me “read the label honey, if the words sugar, fructose or corn syrup are in the top five ingredients we won’t buy it”

her “then why are you eating that bag of potato chips mom?

me “lesson is over for today, honey.”

me under my breath (little bleep) 

WOW, sorry that was a major digression.

So back to point, We here in the lovely city of Cleveland Heights recycle everything.  When the printer/scanner/fax/ink sucker finally up and died, I recycled it.  I decided to keep the top of it so I could use it for something. After gathering dust for 6 months, and another printer already driving us batty I used it.  I needed a spot in my miniature studio to collect my paper recycling.


1. I flipped it over and clipped off the hinges with a wire clipper so it would lay flat.


2. covered the hole with some paper and duck tape.

3. hung it on the wall by the door.


maybe I’ll spray paint when it isn’t 90 degrees outside, or not.



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