98 days. (caution gross pictures)

I wrote about this several times this summer, joked mostly.  (see posts, “waylaid”, “another episode of stump the doctor”, and “ninja street fight acid burn”) Now that my hand is almost back to normal and the gloves have been put away, I feel I can finally share the disgusting pictures that people apparently want to see.
In case you haven’t been following my blog I’ll start from the beginning. Memorial Day morning I was washing and cutting a batch of strawberries to throw in a smoothie, no they weren’t organic. I recall my hands being very wet as I sliced the tops off with a knife. This is supposedly an important factor, not sure why? Yes, I did drink the smoothie, it was delicious despite whatever poison was on the berries.  By mid day I had a distinct red line on my hand and minor swelling.  Around 3 am it felt as though I had acid thrown on my hand.  In the morning after dropping the kids at school and while it felt my throat was closing up my husband took me to the Urgent Care.  After a seemingly endless wait and many eyerolls from the other patrons we were seen by a very chatty male nurse. Don’t get me wrong he has a very good bedside manner, but I am on FIRE!!!!!!!! Trying not be rude we indulged him and waited patiently.  A bit later a very self important man sauntered into the room, and proceeded to ask me stupid questions.  He prescribed me some steroids and a gel that could not be found in any pharmacy in a 50 mile radius. I chased this gel down for the next 48 hrs, while the steroids made me increasily angry. A very helpful pharamcist told me that they couldn’t get the gel for me now that they have it stock because they transfered my prescption to another woman named Shannon Morris!!!!!!! This same pharmacist righted the wrong as fast as she could get a hold of the doctor for a new script.  She probably called him off the golf course after she witnessed the steroid steam coming out of my ears. Sorry nice lady.  As soon I acquired this Magic gel It got ever worse and nasty until it oozed, scabed, peeled and then was left raw and exposed.  Then this lovely white fleshy layer appeared and it slowly began to heal.  I made my gloves to keep it covered and put nothing except organic African shea butter on it. I haven’t touched a strawberry in 98 days and have made an appointment with an allergist to see if I am allergic to strawberries, or if i need to track down whatever farm they were grown on and give them a piece of my mind.  Maybe Ill take some more steroids, just kidding.  Okay, so here are the pictures memorial day til labor day.


IMG_3370IMG_3522IMG_0192 IMG_0175


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