big girl desk.

Sooooo. my associate is in first grade now. I can’t believe it.


A couple of years ago I found her this cute little desk for a dollar at a tag sale, and I painted it orange.


Alas, my rough and tumble cohort has banged it up pretty bad.  So because I had nothing else to do in the race to get ready for school I decided to give her an upgrade.  As you know I never throw anything away, and I had stashed this desk when I took it out of my teenyboopers room. Here is a picture of it when it was in her room.


It is huge and begs for clutter, and the drawers never worked properly, so I went for simple. I ditched the drawers and the keyboard thingy.  Using my table saw I cut off 11 inches on both sides and the top, effectively removing all of the schmutz that the previous owner (Ruby) got on it.


I obviously could not reuse the legs but luckily I had some extras from a million years ago from another Ikea purchase.  I then put it back together using the same holes that were already there.  I added some support with these braces that were left over from last weeks basketball hoop installation.


I attached the braces with screws and washers and reinforced it all with this Elmer’s product that I just learned works best joining two different materials.


Finally, I put the original cross support back on using regular Elmers, clamps and a few screws, to avoid the back and forth movement.  I was just imagining her standing on it, I don’t know why she is so well behaved. hee hee. For drawers I rolled in this cute little Ikea storage compartment that I have had for years and has been in almost every room of my house at one time or another. Luckily it slipped right under.  She appears to like it. I do.


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