time to get back in the saddle.

As my associate and I were scouring the obliterated shelves of school supplies at our local Target,  I imagined throngs of harried parents desperately trying to outfit their children for the coming year.  I was so over it I actually almost took something that I needed out of someone elses cart. Almost.  It made me realize that I had been hurrying my minions back to school without once reflecting on how awesome our summer was.  We didn’t start any forest fires, which was a distinct possibility, our puppy only threw up twice in the car despite the 30 plus hours we spent in it.  We are invited back to the cabin we rented this year!!!!  We broke almost absolutely nothing, but the entire time I never once forgot you, the nice people who read my ramblings. Now let’s get those kids back in school and make some S**t!!!!!!

The majority of these photos were taken by my awesome husband because I was lazy and mostly I read, so thanks for documenting.

IMG_1767 IMG_1718 IMG_1568 IMG_1532 IMG_1456 IMG_1483

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