hostess with the mostess.

At some point in my life it was hammered into me, never go to a party empty-handed. I actually feel a pang of guilt.  Stress doesn’t suit me either. I usually have a stock of interesting items I pick up along the way, but the well has run dry. I wanted to make something more personal anyway,  because you definitely do not want me purchasing your wine, my palette is misinformed on this topic. Rummaging around in one of my many drawers I found some suitable ingredients.


Origami paper, envelopes, paper, and a stack of dried flowers. After cutting the paper down to size to fit in the envelopes I cut out squares and circles of origami paper with my handy scrap-booking punches.


I used glue stick to attach the origami paper to the card.  While waiting for the glue to dry I matched dried flowers with each card. Using an all-purpose no run gel, I attached the flowers.

I think four is a nice number so I made four.


I then made an envelope for the finished cards with a whole sheet of the green paper.




now invite me over.

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