magnetic magic

I have been longing for these for as long as they arrived at Joann’s fabrics.


Of course they were way over priced so I didn’t partake.  I could make them myself anyway, which I never did.

My associate is fond of sticking up her masterpieces everywhere.  It isn’t that I don’t love her creative genius, but she does need to work on her editing skills.

On my recent outing/escape to Joann’s I saw them again.  Now that they were on clearance and one-third of the original price, I caved.  Now I needed magnets of course.  I wasn’t gonna buy these too.  After arriving home I immediately peeled the stickers off, because that is the kind of girl I am, and headed to the dungeon.  I dredged up some vintage holiday decorations and magnets and set to work.


I cut their cute little feet off with some wire cutters, and got out the glue.  I chose this particular glue because it doesn’t dry super fast and it has more of gel like consistency so it doesn’t run. I used tweezers to hold the magnet in place while it dried because these magnets are small, strong and slippery.


I apologize for the blurry picture I am not good with one-handed shooting.  When they were done drying I entered the lair of the associate and attached the magnetic marvelessness to the wall using washers. This also might have aided to their decline to clearance because the holes are very large and not everybody has washers laying about.


Now she can stick whatever she wants to her own wall. I’m happy.

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