letterpress love.

On a deep dive into the abyss that is my basement I came upon my letterpress collection. I am crazy about them. Thank goodness my obsession began before they became so popular because now they are expensive!  Over the years I have tried many different projects. The first being bracelets.


Not as easy as it looks. First you mark and drill the holes using a vice to keep them straight. Then the danger of finger losing comes because you have to make them thinner or your bracelet would look ridiculous.  These are very hard wood and they are small enough to limit your tool options. I opted for my Dremel scroll saw and used a clamp to hold it to protect my digits.


once I emerged from the abyss again with thin holey chunks I simply strung them on some elastic with some beads.

I made a necklace around the same time that hopefully is still in the possession of my friend Amy. She was the first one who understood its underlying message. Why Micheal?


My next foray lead my to lamps, shocking I know. You can read more about the lamp in my post aptly named “collection obsession.”


Today I made picture holders!   There is no need to cut them, but you do need to drill a hole in the top.  I inserted a piece of cable in hole with a dab of glue.  Be careful when cutting this stuff it is pokey.  I then simply attached clips  by squeezing the tabs down with pliers.  By the way, my associate won’t stop singing right now, I am definitely gonna fire her.


Now that I think I am done with my picture holders I realize that I got ahead of myself again.  Using some 100 grit sandpaper I sanded a little of the ink residue off of the blocks to add contrast.  I even painted a few with watercolors.


Lucky. This is a test. If you are reading this blog like I told you to I’ll send you the M holder that is currently holding a picture of your nugget Mia.




4 thoughts on “letterpress love.

  1. I pass…I love passing tests!!! Please send it to me…it looks really cool. (If you get this comment twice ignore one of them).


  2. Those are so cool. I’m so jealous that you had so many. My grandfather was a printer and must have had a huge collection but they’re long-since gone. Maybe that’s why I never throw anything away.


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