what to do? what to do?


After a purging of my associate’s so-called bedroom (It has a scent more like an animal den).  I absconded with these goodies (I feel a maniacal laugh coming on).  What to do with decapitated plastic misrepresentations of humans?

During my first attempt at raising a girl I was completely anti the bleach blonde bauble, oh and those Bratz dolls.  When she asked for a barbie house I bought her a Kaleidoscope house from MOMA, she still hasn’t forgiven me.  Her big blue eyes would dart my way whenever she shed the wrapping to reveal a barbie or bratz doll.  I mean they went the whole other way with those ridiculous Bratz dolls.  Knowing she had to return it she would graciously thank the child who gave it to her without turning me in as worst mom of the year.  I would always let her pick out a little something extra while fervently trying to not continue my tirade.

Then came the second child, she was loaned a vintage barbie ski house, which was just awesome. It came with a variety of 80’s dolls and clothes.  I imagine that somehow because their clothes were so big and their abode so awesome I could turn the other cheek.  After slicing open my foot on one too many “shoes” and struggling to help her dress their waxy bodies we sent it back to its former home.


And she got the Kaleidoscope house that is even more awesome, the picture doesn’t do it justice.


disclaimer No actual barbies were hurt for this blog, their heads were already ripped off and just wouldn’t stay on.

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