I have obviously had a lamp issue for some time.

I have three places I spent my youths, yes that is plural. The first one was an idyllic setting in Cleveland Ohio where we played kick the can till dark and walked to school. The second was the first 5 years I lived in New York City. The subsequent 3 years were spent trying to leave, but it is soooo hard to leave NYC. The third is where I ended up after I gave up the struggle, Wilmington NC. Imagine a city whose warmth surrounds you. The people I met here when I was 27 and lost took me for just exactly who I was and stuck around like a nasty rash for the last 10 plus years. I got a lot packed into my four years there until I had to move on.
My brood and I have been visiting wilmington for a week already destroying homes and good habits of the people we love.
Our first stop on our tour was the lovely, inviting home of Wendy and David, avid collectors and all around awesome people. First thing I did was re wire some lamps they inherited. I attempted to clean the lampshades but failed miserably. After prying ourselves from their comfortable cocoon. We mozzied over to The Jackson’s. We have been here for a whole five days now. Children, adults and dogs having a ball before I recognized a lampshade I made 12 years ago and they still love. Maybe lamps are my thing?


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