Lamp jones.

I have been stockpiling prescription bottles that are a perfect orange.  When we get to know each other better you will figure that orange is my favorite color.  I am not sure what my obsession with lamps is all about but I literally NEED to make them.  Almost every room in my house is outfitted with a custom lamp by moi.  At this point I would like to thank my long suffering family for their patience and ease in the wake of my most recent “hobby” (and they never said a peep about perhaps me burning down the house).  So I say today we make a night light!!!!!!  My youngest has been having bad dreams as of late and I intend to ease her pain.  In trademark Shannon style, I scrounge.

IMG_3445 IMG_3446

step 1. start with scraps  and cut to same size. step 2. attach them with some random attachy thing found in basement.


step 3. Because I am using different textures of wood, decopague using YES glue which is the best glue ever.


I really don’t want the bottles to stick so far out so I aim to cut them down. One of my personal favorite tools is known as the pipe cutter.  I realize quickly that it wants to crush my plastic so I find a suitable pipe to put inside the bottle so it can do its job properly.


I quickly trim all of the bottles and move onto design, yes I know, backwards.  I choose something that would make her happy if awakened in the middle of the night by a pesky dream.

After laying it out on the wood I get my handy Makita out and start drilling partial holes with my 1 1/4 paddle bit.  I then use another bit to drill all the way through the wood and apply glue.


The tops to said prescription bottles make great glue holders can’t recycle them might as well use them before they are sent to the landfill.


I forgot to take a picture at the next stage. Sometimes you can’t interrupt genius.  I inserted a cut bottle into each hole and let it dry for a couple hours.  When it was almost dry (impatient) I flipped it over and began inserting Led fairy lights into each hole.  I then put a few eye hooks and some picture wire and hung it up.


IMG_3472 IMG_3473 IMG_3474

she seems to like it and hopefully it put her beautiful big brain at ease in the middle of the night.

4 thoughts on “Lamp jones.

  1. Those are all amazing. It’s so exciting that you were both on Daisy Yellow’s blog this week (like mother, like daughter). The paper weaving is beautiful. I’ll definitely try the tutorial. And the last card your daughter made (with both of you and the rainbow) is the perfect end of to the week). She’s going to be another great blogger one day.


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