Ironic storage.

I have this super annoying storage thingy in my studio. If you have one you know what I mean


The other day I went to perhaps the strangest estate sale ever. The house was filled with ugliest random furniture, and trust me I can go for random.  I did find this cute little dresser beneath a behemoth lamp.  Modeled here by my associate.


It was my intention to teach her how take the knobs off, but she was uninterested because I told her she couldn’t use this.


For a couple of days I wondered how to make this little dresser my own. I have been known to organize a thing or two, but I usually reorganize it again later and have to change all the labels.  I then thought I would be Ironic and decorate each drawer with pictures of things you couldn’t possibly fit in drawers.  Out came the Pennys and Sears catalogs.


and the Elmers.


I then gave each drawer a coat of glue and had some fun randomly placing images.  I let the drawers dry overnight, and in the morning used an old framers trick my dad taught me.  By gently sanding the edges of the drawer I was able to get a clean line while removing the excess paper.


I need a new camera.  A trip to the bottomless pit unearthed these porcelain beauties.


After trying to get my associate to put the pulls on. I just did it myself.


So here you have it. I keep my tires in the first drawer, my tv’s in the second, my shotguns in drawer three, my roller skates in drawer number four and small children in the bottom.




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