another episode of stump the doctor with shannon.

After gentle prodding from family and friends, and a few OH MY GOD what happened to you moments I went to see the Doctor. I have been nursing my leprosy like wounds with feverish discipline. I even made gloves.


My inner struggle always raging. Western medicine, Eastern medicine my own home made medicine? When I survived the onslaught of oral steroids, I went rogue.  I have to mention that this has happened before hence the term “episode”.  One time my mom took me to three doctors in one day.  I won’t bore you with details of my pre-blogging plight we just met and all, but apparently I did a great job nursing my hands. I’ll keep calling him doctor to protect his identity, but  he was dumbfounded, never seen anything like it (and it is his specialty) My hands are a mess, I have wounds from bringing the groceries, a scratch from my car hatch and was completely taken down by strawberries. Obviously only seemingly innocuous actions leave marks on me.  Time to register for that welding refresher class.

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